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Beard Vape E-Juice Story:

The Beard Vape Co. is not like other vape juice companies on the market. When lined up with the thousands of other e-liquid brands, it tends to stand out with its amazing vape juice flavors and iconic logo. The Beard Vape Co. began in March 2014 behind the Venice, Calif. store called Nana's Vape Shop. The two brothers Casey and Brady Bates and close friend Colbey Pfund realized their abilities to craft an extraordinary product like the ones they sold in the vape shop.

During a time span of a few months, they came up with nearly 100 flavors, assigning a number to everyone. They set up a testing area in the vape shop and before long, people were asking about them - wanting more of them. After getting weeks of customer feedback, the team was able to narrow down the list from around 100 to three.

Then came time to brand the product - something that would catch each vapor's attention. During a suggestion pow-wow, the two brothers settled on using their father's nickname "Beard," which led to the introduction of the Beard Vape Co. to the world. The name is a simple one that resonates with them, their generation, and the ability to exceed demographics and cultures.

Beard quickly became a popular e-liquid brand, which is sold in all 50 states and on six different continents. People often pick a brand that resonates with them, which means this is only the start for Beard Vape Co. The brothers are sure to offer new vape juice flavor profiles, ensuring a loyal and eager fan base.

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