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Nitecore Story:

Nitecore has quickly become the world’s specialist in smart chargers in fast growing vape industry. Their products have been created to provide experienced user no matter what their field or trade. Their goal is to offer a completely automatic charger series that includes four things:

  • Quicker charging capabilities
  • High compatibility level
  • Smart checking functions
  • Safety

Nitecore is so smart; users don’t have to keep an eye on their vape batteries as they charge. Nitecore’s products are sold in over 100 countries using their international distribution network. The company is dedicated to offering safe, durable, easy-to-use and effective products that will make consumers want to go nowhere else for their vaping needs.

The Nitecore team has years of experience in research, innovation and testing, using the latest technologies to creating batteries and charges. The smart charger collection ensures consumers have an automatically adaptive charging system for vape batteries in an array of sizes and chemistries.

The company’s USB charging system offers a flexible refilling solution of tablet PCs and smartphones, ensuring that the batteries have a plethora of backup power to work for long periods of time. The highly-advanced vape batteries and vape charges are only warm-ups, as the company’s premise is to offer an all-in-one solution for every electronic device.

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Artery Pal II AIO Starter Kit
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Artery Pal II AIO Starter Kit

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