WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

The Last Machine

The Last Machine E-Juice Story

The vibrant online community brought businessman Ryan Wagner together with Community Troll/E-Juice maker Andrew Byrd to form what would become The Last Machine. After coming together and meeting in person for the first time, they quickly realized they had a special chemistry with one another and decided to start making their very own e-juice. Andrew continued to make the 14 hour trek into Michigan to visit Ryan with new e-liquid recipes in-tow, hoping that one day they would be able to refine Andrew’s ideas and create something that was truly special. After one year of meticulously testing their six core flavors, the two settled on the final recipes and launched The Last Machine. The Midwestern e-juice company was immediately a smash hit, selling out their entire line of e-juice in just one afternoon. Since their initial Midwestern debut, The Last Machine quickly became a common household name in vapers houses across the entire US.

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OCCBC E-Juice by The Last Machine
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OCCBC E-Juice by The Last Machine

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