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Vetus Story:

Vetus Tweezers is one of the world’s largest supplier and manufacturer of superior-quality forceps and tweezers. They are used throughout the industry – used for commercial and individual use. The company is well-known for its Tweezer Pattern Types in machine assembly, electronics assembly, precision assembly, industrial supply and a plethora of others.

Vetus is known to be of Swiss Quality and Style without the price to boot. They use only the best metallurgical materials with the right Rockwell hardness ratings and manufacturing standards. This includes its Series 300 Stainless Steel Construction ensures the tweezers can withstand the test of time, is highly resistant to corrosion and are easy to care for. The majority of the models are acid and temperature resistant while also being anti-magnetic. Vetus ensures only the best styles, designs and patterns are sold at highly competitive prices.

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Vetus Ceramic Tipped Tweezer
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Vetus Ceramic Tipped Tweezer

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