WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

SUPERB Premium E-Juice and Vape Juice:

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Superb E-Liquids is a highly acclaimed manufacturer of some of the most enticing e-juices on the market from their classic collection, royal collection, and of course, nic salt collection. Their exotic flavor, Peachberry Lemonade, won Showcase Atlanta’s 2018 Best Citrus Flavor of the year award and they haven’t stopped there. Crafted and bottled in Los Angeles, California, Superb continues to produce high-end flavors while evolving with the ever-growing industry. They got onboard the nicotine salt movement by releasing an entire collection devoted to this new and highly effective way of getting higher nicotine content into vape juices. They also maintain diversity in their products by releasing Menthol flavors such as the refreshing Lychee Jelly Iced E-Juice, as well as among many others. Experience their artisan’s mastery by choosing any one of their highly appealing flavors from a long line of successes.