WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


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Lemon Fraise E-Juice by Le Banger
Sale -33%

Lemon Fraise E-Juice by Le Banger

14 reviews

…blast of sweet Strawberry and tart Lemon that takes you back to those favorite dispensable, rectangular candies of your childhood! Available in a 120mL bottle with 70% VG and 30% PG, this E- Liquid has a thicker consistency allowing the Lemon Fraise flavor you enjoy so much to endure through long…

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Sweater Puppets E-Juice 120ml by Humble

3 reviews

Sweater Puppets E-Juice 120ml by Humble OverviewSweater Puppets E-Juice 120mL by Humble presents a classic blend of mixed Melons that is sure to satisfy your seemingly insatiable palate. Upon inhaling, you will first notice the savory summertime taste of Cantaloupe intermingling with sweet, juicy…

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Lem'nBerry E-Juice 120ml
Sale -29%

Lem'nBerry E-Juice 120ml

196 reviews

Lem'nBerry E-Juice 120ml OverviewLem’nBerry E-Juice has arrived and is making a splash among the countless boring fruit-based e-liquids that’ve oversaturated the e-juice market today. This premiere passion-project from the mix masters at Transistor harnesses the delicious power of Lemons and Berries…

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American Dream E-Juice 120ml by Humble

5 reviews

American Dream E-Juice 120ml by Humble OverviewLike fireworks on the fourth of July, American Dream E-Juice 120mL by Humble will send explosions of Fruit Cereal crackling across your taste buds. With this vape juice you can live the true American Dream of watching cartoons on a Saturday morning,…

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Cuttwood Unicorn Milk E-Juice
Sale -71%

Cuttwood Unicorn Milk E-Juice

35 reviews

Cuttwood Unicorn Milk E-Juice OverviewCuttwood Unicorn Milk E-Juice is a perfect blend of natural strawberry extract and four unique fresh creams. This vape juice is a 30/70 blend and available in 30ml and 120ml bottles.Primary Flavors: Strawberry, CreamPG/VG Ratio: 30/70

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Transistor Carango E-Juice

0 reviews

…undertones that gets the Transistor stamp of approval. If you’re looking for an irresistible Caramel e-juice flavor that’s got the perfect amount of fruity-goodness, look no further than Transistor Carango E-Juice—now available in 120mL bottles.Primary Flavors: Mango, CaramelPG/VG Ratio: 30/70 

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120 Cereal Pop E-Juice by Mad Hatter
Sale -40%

120 Cereal Pop E-Juice by Mad Hatter

15 reviews

…this breakfast spectrum, delivering a dangerously tasty flavor that continues to get better from first vape ‘till last. Cereal Pop E-Liquid is a 70/30 blend that’s mixed using California’s finest ingredients, now available in 120mL bottles!Primary Flavors: Rainbow Cereal, MilkPG/VG Ratio: 30/70 

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Kendo Man E-Juice 100ml by Sengoku Vapor
Sale -27%

Kendo Man E-Juice 100ml by Sengoku Vapor

3 reviews

…pleasure. If Kendo Man is already one of your favorite e-liquids and you want to try something equally refreshing, check out our award-winning Lem'nBerry E-Juice 120ml for a similar flavor experience that just doesn’t quit.Primary Flavors: Pineapple, Lime, Blueberry, CitrusPG/VG Ratio: 30/70 

$ 21.99 $ 29.99

Bombies 'Nana Cream E-Juice

103 reviews

…smooth look into the world of bananas and cream, providing a sinfully smooth vape juice that’s quite unlike any other banana flavor on the market today. This E-Juice is now available in 120mL for every Bombies fan that’s looking to get #NanaWrekt!Primary Flavors: Banana, CreamPG/VG Ratio: 20/80

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Berry Blow Doe E-Juice 120ml by Humble

4 reviews

Berry Blow Doe E-Juice 120mL by Humble OverviewBorn to make your mouth water is the dazzling Candy flavored Berry Blow Doe E-Juice 120mL by Humble. This vape juice takes the famous duo of ripe Blueberries and sweet Raspberries and delivers it to your taste buds with an unrelenting Candy flare. The…

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Donkey Khan E-Juice 120ml by Humble

2 reviews

Donkey Khan E-Juice 120ml by Humble OverviewThese expert artisans from southern California have cooked up something special with the release of Donkey Khan E-Juice 120mL by Humble. First comes a blend of sweet, juicy Strawberries and chewy Bananas to give the taste buds something to rejoice about.…

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Vape The Rainbow E-Juice 120ml by Humble

3 reviews

Vape The Rainbow E-Juice 120ml by Humble OverviewVape The Rainbow E-Juice 120mL by Humble allows you to taste a wide range of delicious fruit flavors in a dessert style form without any one flavor overpowering another. This vape juice blends all your favorite Fruit Candies into an amazing cocktail…

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