Peanut Butter

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Grandmaster E-Juice By Five Pawns
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Grandmaster E-Juice By Five Pawns

8 reviews

…the gracefully full-flavored Five Pawns Grandmaster E-Juice. This e-liquid revolves around a base of smooth and creamy all-natural Peanut Butter unlike any Peanut Butter flavor you’ve ever experienced before. This buttery sensation is blended with rich Banana Cream and velvety Caramel to provide a…

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Stuck Up E-Juice by Pinkies Up
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Stuck Up E-Juice by Pinkies Up

5 reviews

Peanut Butter, providing a rich and creamy twist for the fruity fan favorite. These award-winning Peanut Butter Apples are then drenched with an exquisite Honey drizzle and coated to taste with just a pinch of Brown Sugar for your all day vaping pleasure!Primary Flavors: Red/Green Apples, Peanut

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Sammich E-Juice by Pinkies Up
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Sammich E-Juice by Pinkies Up

3 reviews

…If that wasn’t enough, these juicy fruits have been sandwiched between a thick layer of Peanut Butter and irresistible marshmallow fluff, providing a sensational confectionery flavor that’s fit for the gods! Primary Flavors: Strawberries, Bananas, Peanut Butter, Marshmallow FluffPG/VG Ratio: 20/80

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Transistor Hunnid K E-Juice
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Transistor Hunnid K E-Juice

4 reviews

Peanut Butter base. During the exhale, a Creamy presence makes itself known, rounding this flavor off and bringing the entire flavor profile full circle. Hunnid K vape juice shines through as one of the smoothest vapes Transistor has put out to date.Primary Flavors: Pistachio, Peanut Butter,

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