WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Salt Mic Device

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…shines green when battery life is between 70-100%, orange at 30-70%, and red at less than 30%. The exterior of this device also consists of a toggle switch that turns the device on when flicked upward and off when flicked downward. Whether your MICO Kit is on or off, this will be indicated by five…

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SMOK Micare 700mAh Alternative Vaporizer Mod
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SMOK Micare 700mAh Alternative Vaporizer Mod

1 reviews

…The Micare also uses haptic vibrational feedback and alerts, adding to the device’s simplicity and functionality. For instance, the device will vibrate once when the cartridge is inserted correctly as well as when the device is finished preheating. Additionally, the mod will vibrate three times when…

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SMOK MICO Replacement Cartridge
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SMOK MICO Replacement Cartridge

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…resistance and a long lifespan. None of these pod systems are pre-filled so you can choose to vape with any of your favorite standard or nicotine salt infused e-juices. On top of the MICO Replacement Pod is an ergonomic mouthpiece that assists with easy draw activation once your MICO Kit has been…

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